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Our goal is to be the leader in commercial contracting by delivering Professional, Quality, Service combined with unbeatable value for our clients.


Why Choose Greenferd

We have been executing office renovations in the Greater Toronto Area since 1994. Since that time, we have helped countless clients successfully navigate the potential challenges on projects of all sizes and complexities. We are especially proud of our client roster and the fact that over 50% of our annual revenue comes from repeat business.

Construction Management

We have developed a very comprehensive Construction Management service that has resulted in exceptional projects for countless clients. Please take a minute to review the following information to better understand how we can reliably deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

The permit process is very important and if not handled correctly, can seriously impact a project’s schedule. Certain municipalities have different requirements and different timelines for the permit process.

We are very experienced in managing the permit process and will take the lead if requested by the project team.

During this phase, we will:

  • Confirm/communicate milestone dates for the project
  • Provide realistic budgets and finalize material and equipment selections.
  • Present alternative materials and processes to accommodate budget and schedule.
  • Manage all the necessary administrative responsibilities, ensuring adequate insurance coverage and any other administrative duties that arise.
  • Recommend, and in conjunction with the project team, pre-qualify a list of sub trades for tender purposes.
  • Orchestrate the bidding process to the various trade disciplines required on the project.

We may, if required, tender the project in a “piece-meal” fashion, where bids are solicited from the various trades as drawings become available, thus expediting the construction process and ensuring the schedule is accelerated.

Once the planning and drawings have been completed, Greenferd will begin to execute the project. We will:

  • Establish a full site office equipped with safety station, life safety board, a full set of working drawings and a meeting area at the job site. All of our Site Managers are equipped with tablets and printers with wifi connections to ensure quick and seamless information flow between team members.
  • Record all the minutes and distribute them to the project team.
  • Coordinate all the day-to-day activities of the project. This includes, but not limited to, maintaining safety standards, requisitioning shop drawings and samples, interfacing with the landlord, monitoring the quality of workmanship, initiating site inspections with engineers and governing bodies, co-ordinating commissioning and rectifying deficiencies.
  • Throughout the entire construction phase, Greenferd will provide the project team with timely and accurate reports on the project status.
  • Provide periodic updated construction schedules and updated cash flow schedules.
  • Review and approve progress invoices submitted by the sub-trades and prepare weekly status reports or executive summaries. This will allow the project team to have a sense of the project pulse and relieve any potential anxieties associated with the construction project.
Following a successful move-in, Greenferd will remain hard at work to ensure the full completion of the project. Greenferd will:

  • Remain committed to rectifying any deficiencies that may be outstanding. Greenferd uses a web-based application that coordinates and communicates with all team members to make the deficiency process as efficient as possible.
  • Arrange for staff training to ensure the proper maintenance of newly installed equipment.
  • Manage on-going administrative duties include reconciling contracts with the sub-trades, and issuing a Publication of Substantial Completion to comply with the Construction Lien Act.
  • Provide the client with a close-out package which will include all as-built drawings, quarantines and warranties, a complete list of resources used on the project and a post project audit which will identify all costs relating to the construction and how they compare with the original budgets.

All of the above activities will be managed by our Project Manager who will take on a leadership role in creating a Team environment, and ensuring that all of the participating firms are committed to delivering an exceptional project.

Commercial Contracting

Our commercial contracting service provides complete cost certainty and absolute accountability on projects where a final set of drawings is made available.

We’ll provide a detailed price broken out by trade based on working drawings supplied by the selected design firm.

All of our projects have a full-time Site Manager who ensures the project hits the required timelines and the quality meets the expectations of the team.

One of our highly experienced Projects Managers takes a hands-on approach on each project ensuring that issues are dealt with promptly and schedules are adhered to.

The Project Manager and Management Team coordinates all activities including requisitioning shop drawings and samples, interfacing with the landlord, monitoring the quality of workmanship and safety standards, initiating site inspections with engineers and governing bodies, coordinating commissioning of tenant equipment and rectifying deficiencies.

To maintain open communication and adherence to the schedule, Greenferd manages weekly site meetings which all the team members are encouraged to attend. Minutes are recorded by our team and distributed to all team members. Once move-in is complete and site deficiencies are remedied, we will prepare comprehensive close-out documentation including issuance of all warranties guarantees and as-built drawings.

Service Work

We recognize that our Client’s needs don’t always involve major projects. But we also recognize that small projects can be frustrating and time-consuming from a clients’ point of view.

To address this need for small service projects, we have assembled a first-class team of versatile professional trades people equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.

From painting a single wall to building a single office, our team is ready to jump into action – and always at a competitive price.

For existing Clients, it is comforting to know that our team stands behind all of its work, regardless of the size of project.

For new Clients, our Service Team offers a clear demonstration of the quality, reliability and accountability that has allowed us to consistently deliver exceptional projects.

Budget & Schedules

We will provide accurate and realistic budgets and schedules for a project with no obligation and no fee. We understand that there can be a lot of confusing and conflicting information passed between the real estate broker, the designer and the end-user. We will provide insight into budget and schedule issues to make sure that the Team has realistic expectations from the outset of the project.

We will help reduce any confusion by providing itemized budgets and schedules based on actual drawings so that all team members understand the realistic costs and time-frames associated with the project.

We believe that the more information is available at the beginning of a project, the less opportunity for any surprises later on.

Site Assessment

Selecting a new office space is not an easy process. Selecting a qualified real state broker is essential, but our team takes the process a step further.

Once a short list of potential office space has been developed, we will provide as assessment of each space from a construction point of view. Issues such as what infrastructure and equipment exist and what the cost is to redevelop these, does the building require unionized trades and what kind of HVAC system is in place should all play a part in selecting a space. We can tour each potential site and provide an expert opinion on each one.




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Greenferd Construction has been successfully completing first-class office renovations since 1993. During that time we have had the opportunity to partner with many of the world’s leading companies to help them get the most out of one of their most important assets: their office environment.

Some people look and see a simple office. Greenferd is different. We see your brand, your image and your reputation. Your office is part of your culture, and your culture is what you build your business around.

In the following pages are some of the offices that we have built for world-class organizations. Many have trusted Greenferd to deliver superior results on multiple projects.

If you are interested in working with true professionals who consistently exceed the highest expectations, give Greenferd a call. We would be happy to help.


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